8 ways to make your phone live longer

By | July 27, 2015

1. You don’t need to close your iphone apps.
Constantly opening and closing apps uses more energy. IOS freezes your open apps if you’re not using them.

2.Don’t leave your fully charged phone plugged in.
Lithium-ion batteries can overheat if charged for too long.It can damage and weaken your battery over time.

3.You don’t need to charge your phone to 100% every time.
Charging to 80% and draining to 40% can optimize your battery life.

4.Turn on airplane mode for a faster charge.

5.Don’t consistently drain your battery to 0%.
It can damage your phone if you charge it too often.But drain your battery all the way once a month to help calibrate the battery.

6.Fetch mail less frequently.
Fetching data more often will drain your battery quicker.

7. Don’t leave electronics plugged in if they’re not charging.
Anything plugged into an outlet still uses electricity.

8.Turn down the brightness.
Lowering to half the brightness can give you up to 2 hours of extra battery life.

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