All-In-One Toolbox Drunk Mode: say goodbye to unwise drunk decisions

By | March 13, 2017
All-In-One Toolbox is a powerful system optimize tool app for Android to clean cache, manage files and boost to speed up your Android for a better performance.

Hey guys!

I guess you already figured that the whole idea of drunk mode is just a joke for April fools day.  Here’s some thing I need to explain about  the record audio permission.

In order to make the voice test more real and funnier, we add a new permission in the beta version. But since you don’t know what it is  for, many users complained about that permission. So we decided to remove it from the official version. Maybe that makes the voice test less funny, but it is users’ experience that matters.  And your concerns about privacy should always be taken into consideration.

Hope you enjoyed the April fools joke~~


Hey guys, I’m very excited to announce that we are going to launch a new feature to avoid your unwise drunk decisions. And this brilliant idea came from a drunk mistake of our PM. Something about got all liquored up and texted our boss….


Drunk people are the best (funniest) people? Well, tell that to our PM (maybe ex PM). People do craziest things when they are drunk. Some of those things are fun, but some of those are gonna lengthen the list of “Things I wish I had never done”. That’s why we developed this new feature called Drunk Mode, to make this list shorter for you.

What can Drunk Mode do?

  • Drunk Dial Blocker

What do people always do when they are buzzed? The first thing that occurs to me is drunk dials & drunk texts.

Most people drunk text their ex, sometimes the wrong one:


Some people drunk confess and found out something that they wish they don’t have to know.


People dial or text after getting drunk, because that is when they are most emotional and vulnerable. That is also when they need All-In-One Toolbox Drunk Mode to avoid the bad consequences.

drunk dial blocker

Before enable the drunk mode, you can set the time duration of drunk mode and the contacts you don’t want to call or text when you are intoxicated. When you try to call or text or get in touch with those contacts via any social app, the system will stop you by blocking your dials and texts. In this way you wouldn’t make mistakes that you are gonna regret.

  • Where Was I

Have you ever been so hammered that can’t remember what happened and where have you been? Or when you called someone to pick you up but you were too wasted to figure out where you were, or maybe even wake up at a total strange place that you have never been to before?

With this feature of drunk mode, you don’t have to worry about these situations anymore.


When your phone is in Drunk Mode, All-In-One Toolbox will record your location information to help you recall what happened during this period. You can also share your real-time location to your friends so they can find you easily.

  • Drunk Shopping Theme

Besides drunk dials and texts, another bad drunk decision is drunk purchase. Have you ever bought something really weird when you are drunk ?

These people do:

Besides what mentioned in the video, things can get much worse if you buy something really hard to keep, or return.

Like an ostrich…


It’s always a bad idea to shop online when you are so wasted. So we are here for you.


When you enable drunk mode, your device will be changed to a drunk shopping theme, which would hide your shopping apps by changing their icons so you will have a hard time finding them. The name won’t be changed, you can still use them to buy things you really need if you are sober enough.

  • Drunk File Manager

Some people like to take selfies after getting plastered, but to be honest, those pictures do not always turn out as same as your imagination.

These may be how you imagined you would look like when you are drunk:

drunk selfie


But the truth might be,





or even this,


Trust me, those photos must be properly managed and hided from anyone else.

And that’s exactly what we are gonna do for you.


All your image/audio/video files produced in drunk mode will be automatically saved in the drunk mode folder. You can check and manage those files in AIO file manager.  (And by manage, I mean delete it right away). Since you have to enter the right password to open drunk mode folder, you don’t have to worry those files seen by anyone but you.

  • Hangover Assistant

Hangover is the worst part of drinking, and also the part that people swear they’ll never drink again, well, before next time they drink.


So we developed this sweet feature to make your hangover less miserable.


It pushes list of take-out hangover cure food and tips about getting sober faster. You can easily order the food by clicking the button when you are too hungover to get out of bed.

  • How drunk are you

How to tell whether a person is drunk or not? Ask him/her to walk in a straight line.

Drunk people can never walk in a straight line, so you can use this as a tester and add some extra fun to your party!


This feature can estimate the level of your drunkenness by analyzing your walking path. You can use this as a party game. That’s just much funnier than a breathalyzer kind alcohol detector.

All-In-One Toolbox is always focusing on optimizing Android system to make your Android phone faster, lighter, and perform better. That’s where we started, but will not be where we stop. What we want to do is not only making your phone better but also making your life easier.


Can’t wait to give it a try?

Be an early bird and Install All-In-One Toolbox. This amazing new feature will meet you on April 1st.

Download link:


Need an app to clean, boost, optimize your android phone?

Also need a smart assistant to take care of you when you are drunk?





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3 thoughts on “All-In-One Toolbox Drunk Mode: say goodbye to unwise drunk decisions

  1. Redington black

    Sounds like a good idea 10 out of 10 for that drunk mode

  2. Redington black

    Sounds like a good idea 10 out of 10 for that drunk mode, shame about the need for a capcha.

  3. Sandra syres

    Love the idea I have drunk called ppl in the past. Wish it was around couple years ago.


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