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All-In-One Toolbox Drunk Mode: say goodbye to unwise drunk decisions

All-In-One Toolbox is a powerful system optimize tool app for Android to clean cache, manage files and boost to speed up your Android for a better performance.

Hey guys!

I guess you already figured that the whole idea of drunk mode is just a joke for April fools day.  Here’s some thing I need to explain about  the record audio permission.

In order to make the voice test more real and funnier, we add a new permission in the beta version. But since you don’t know what it is  for, many users complained about that permission. So we decided to remove it from the official version. Maybe that makes the voice test less funny, but it is users’ experience that matters.  And your concerns about privacy should always be taken into consideration.

Hope you enjoyed the April fools joke~~


Hey guys, I’m very excited to announce that we are going to launch a new feature to avoid your unwise drunk decisions. And this brilliant idea came from a drunk mistake of our PM. Something about got all liquored up and texted our boss….


Drunk people are the best (funniest) people? Well, tell that to our PM (maybe ex PM). People do craziest things when they are drunk. Some of those things are fun, but some of those are gonna lengthen the list of “Things I wish I had never done”. That’s why we developed this new feature called Drunk Mode, to make this list shorter for you.

What can Drunk Mode do?

  • Drunk Dial Blocker

What do people always do when they are buzzed? The first thing that occurs to me is drunk dials & drunk texts.

Most people drunk text their ex, sometimes the wrong one:


Some people drunk confess and found out something that they wish they don’t have to know.


People dial or text after getting drunk, because that is when they are most emotional and vulnerable. That is also when they need All-In-One Toolbox Drunk Mode to avoid the bad consequences.

drunk dial blocker

Before enable the drunk mode, you can set the time duration of drunk mode and the contacts you don’t want to call or text when you are intoxicated. When you try to call or text or get in touch with those contacts via any social app, the system will stop you by blocking your dials and texts. In this way you wouldn’t make mistakes that you are gonna regret.

  • Where Was I

Have you ever been so hammered that can’t remember what happened and where have you been? Or when you called someone to pick you up but you were too wasted to figure out where you were, or maybe even wake up at a total strange place that you have never been to before?

With this feature of drunk mode, you don’t have to worry about these situations anymore.


When your phone is in Drunk Mode, All-In-One Toolbox will record your location information to help you recall what happened during this period. You can also share your real-time location to your friends so they can find you easily.

  • Drunk Shopping Theme

Besides drunk dials and texts, another bad drunk decision is drunk purchase. Have you ever bought something really weird when you are drunk ?

These people do:

Besides what mentioned in the video, things can get much worse if you buy something really hard to keep, or return.

Like an ostrich…


It’s always a bad idea to shop online when you are so wasted. So we are here for you.


When you enable drunk mode, your device will be changed to a drunk shopping theme, which would hide your shopping apps by changing their icons so you will have a hard time finding them. The name won’t be changed, you can still use them to buy things you really need if you are sober enough.

  • Drunk File Manager

Some people like to take selfies after getting plastered, but to be honest, those pictures do not always turn out as same as your imagination.

These may be how you imagined you would look like when you are drunk:

drunk selfie


But the truth might be,





or even this,


Trust me, those photos must be properly managed and hided from anyone else.

And that’s exactly what we are gonna do for you.


All your image/audio/video files produced in drunk mode will be automatically saved in the drunk mode folder. You can check and manage those files in AIO file manager.  (And by manage, I mean delete it right away). Since you have to enter the right password to open drunk mode folder, you don’t have to worry those files seen by anyone but you.

  • Hangover Assistant

Hangover is the worst part of drinking, and also the part that people swear they’ll never drink again, well, before next time they drink.


So we developed this sweet feature to make your hangover less miserable.


It pushes list of take-out hangover cure food and tips about getting sober faster. You can easily order the food by clicking the button when you are too hungover to get out of bed.

  • How drunk are you

How to tell whether a person is drunk or not? Ask him/her to walk in a straight line.

Drunk people can never walk in a straight line, so you can use this as a tester and add some extra fun to your party!


This feature can estimate the level of your drunkenness by analyzing your walking path. You can use this as a party game. That’s just much funnier than a breathalyzer kind alcohol detector.

All-In-One Toolbox is always focusing on optimizing Android system to make your Android phone faster, lighter, and perform better. That’s where we started, but will not be where we stop. What we want to do is not only making your phone better but also making your life easier.


Can’t wait to give it a try?

Be an early bird and Install All-In-One Toolbox. This amazing new feature will meet you on April 1st.

Download link:


Need an app to clean, boost, optimize your android phone?

Also need a smart assistant to take care of you when you are drunk?





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New plugin: Notification Manager, only show the information that you want to see

Hi, dear All-In-One Toolbox users. Here’s a question for you: how many notifications do you get per day and what’s the percentage of useful information? I bet most of the notifications are useless and boring and some of them you don’t even want to see. Well, here comes your saver —- we just launched a brand new plugin Notification Manager . It can solve all this troubles by blocking notifications unwanted apps from showing up on your notification bar and put the blocked notifications in one place so your notification bar will always be clean and tidy for important messages.

1all-in-one toolbox_notification manager-notifications-blocked

Now I’m gonna give you some tips of how to use it to mute notifications.

Step of Notification Blocking

>>>  Grant “Notification Access” to Notification Manager

3all-in-one toobox_notification_manager_grant permission

>>>  Enable quiet notification.

4all-in-one toolbox_Notification_manager_enable

>>>  Pick apps you want to hide notifications, and it is done!

Chose the app of which you don’t want to get notifications, and block them by clicking the mute button. This should be done in the “not blocked apps” list, once you finish it the app will be shown in the “blocked apps” list. If you want to receive the notification of that app again, you can undo the blocking here.

notification blocker                   notification blocker

>>>  You can also find the app quickly by searching it.


Blocked messages are put together in Quiet Notification, click Quiet Notification on notification bar, and you will see all the messages there. Drag a message right and you will be able to delete it.

You can also create a home-screen shortcut from All-In-One Toolbox Plugins list, and you will be able to access the plugin easily.

Or you may add Quiet Notification to All-In-One Toolbox widget. Or hold and press the home-screen>>Create shortcut>>All-In-One Toolbox, and create shortcut for Quiet Notification.

What are you waiting for? Get this awesome plugin!


Get All-In-One Toolbox on Google Play:

Get Quiet Notification Plugin on Google Play:










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How to back up contacts and sms to your Gmail

All-In-One Toolbox is a powerful system optimize tool app for Android to clean cache, manage files and boost to speed up your Android for a better performance.


We talked about how to recover your information after you smashed your phone in last blog. But what if the phone was so broken that the information in it can not be recovered?   Or you accidentally lost your phone?  That’s when the idea of “back up” hits you. 

We all know that All-In-One Toolbox can help you back up your apps to your SD card. But how about Contacts ans sms?  

So in this blog I’m gonna introduce you some useful tips about backing up your contact and sms to your Gmail which might be a safer place than SD card considering your phone might get stolen.

Backup Contacts Using Gmail 

This is the best method if you want to store your contacts safely at any place. And if I say the place is Gmail owned by Google then you don’t need to worry for everything at all. As you know Google forces Android users to use a Gmail account with their device. You can synchronize your contacts and can store them on your Gmail account. Just follow the steps:-

  • Open Setting option in your phone. 
  • Find “Account and SYNC“or “Google” and click on it. 
  • Then just click on your email address and then from menu click on “Sync Now”. 
  • This way your contacts and other app data will be saved on Gmail online.
  • You can access them form Gmail anytime. 

Backup Your Text Messages to Your Gmail Account

Backing up your text messages from your Android phone to your Gmail account is so simple there’s no reason to not back them up and make them search-friendly in the process. Read on to see how you can turn your Gmail account into an SMS vault.

What Do I Need?

It’s easy to lose your text messages. Everything from switching phones to fumble fingers can drop your messages in front of the digital reaper—just last night I managed to accidently delete a massive SMS thread when I really only intended to delete a single message that refused to send.

Backing up your SMS messages to your Gmail account is so simple, however, there’s no good reason not to do it. For this tutorial you’ll need three things:

Got all that? Let’s get started!

Note: Technically, you can dig around the advanced settings of SMS Backup+ to reconfigure it to work with any IMAP-enabled email server. However, since it was designed to work with Gmail and works so well with Gmail’s search, threading, and starring functionality, we’re not going to mess with a good thing.

Configuring Your Gmail Account for IMAP Access





SMS Backup+ requires IMAP access to your Gmail account to function. Let’s take a moment and hop over to the Gmail account we’re planning on using with the application and check the status.

Login to your Gmail account and navigate to Settings –> Forwarding and POP/IMAP. Check Enable IMAP. Scroll down and click Save Changes. That’s the only configuration you’ll need to do within your Gmail account.

Then install the SMS Backup+

The first step is to set up the connection to your Gmail account. Tap Connect. The default browser on your Android phone will launch and you’ll be prompted to login to the Gmail account you want to use for backing up your messages.

Then you just follow the step it told, you can easily get your sms back up.


Download All-In-One Toolbox on Google Play:

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How to recover your data from your broken smartphone?

This article was originally posted on AndroidPit by Cory Schmidt.

Smashing the screen of your precious smartphone is a common occurrence today. If this has happened to you and you’ve gotten the famous spider-web on the unresponsive touchscreen, you don’t have to say goodbye to your device yet. You can use  it from your PC. Here’s how.

How to recover data if your screen is broken but you can see the display

If you’ve broken your touch screen but the display is still working (you can see it) you can fix it by using a USB OTG (On The Go) and a mouse to connect to your device. A USB OTG connects mobile devices to other devices. Basically, your Android device has a mini-USB and you need to connect it to the mouse that has a USB. The USB OTG connects these. If you need further information on USB OTGs, click the link below.

Once you have the mouse connected, you can unlock your device whether you have a pattern, PIN or password. We recommend using passwords anyways because they are highly secure.

Now that your phone is unlocked, you can connect it to your computer and either transfer the data you need to your microSD memory or connect it directly to your PC and transfer the files there.

How to recover data if your screen is off

If you can’t see your screen, you might need to get a VNC program. There are plenty on the market and you should be sure to pick one that’s safe and free. These programs bring your Android interface onto your PC so you can control it from there.

In order to use these programs, you’ll need to download the program to your PC but also on your Android device. There are some paid programs out there too but usually include more features than this. So if you want something more extensive you can grab one of these instead.

Even though those are useful tips to recover your data after you break your smartphone by accident. But sometimes they won’t work if you smash your phone so bad. So it is very necessary to back up your important information.

All-In-One Toolbox can help you back up your Apps to your SD card so you don’t have to look for those apps and install them all over again. As for important message and photos, I will find some useful tips and share it with you in the next blog!

Download All-In-One Toolbox here :

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All-In-One Toolbox : Get yourself a unique personal home page

All-In-One Toolbox is a powerful system optimize tool app for Android to clean cache, manage files and boost to speed up your Android for a better performance.

Have you already installed the latest version of All-In-One Toolbox? If you have, you must have noticed the brand new surface. There are a lot of changes in the visual design in this version such as the color scheme and icons.

Besides the visual design, we also made some changes in the aspect of user interaction.

Remember the three circle on homepage of former version? RAM, ROM and SD card? We kept these three circle in this version except that it would show your CPU temperature instead of your SD card memory information if you do not have an external SD card. And you can directly cool down your CPU temperature by clicking that circle. (And you can still click the RAM circle to boost RAM memory.)

All-In-One Toolbox homepage 3.6All-In-One Toolbox homepage3.8

There are 3 more features in the bottom of homepage on this version comparing to the old one since there are more functions that users use frequently than just clean, boost and toolbox. This area is editable. It gives you more choices to pick your favorite features and put them on the homepage so that every one has their own custom made home page. And you can simply done that by following the steps that pictures show.

AIO homepage edit step 1     AIO homepage edit step2

AIO homepage edit step 3
















Hope you enjoy the new version! And welcome to contact with us via

if you have any feedback or advise.

We also have a beta version in test now. In this version, changes not only happened on homepage. Welcome to join us and test it if you wanna feel the change before we officially release it. We need your feedback and suggestions to make it a better app.

Download here:

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How to hide photos on Android

Sensitive photos are easily one of the most important things to protect on your phone. There have been countless instances of intimate photos being stolen and shared with the world. You don’t want that to happen to you. Thankfully, some phones have built-in tools to protect private photos. What if your phone is not one of followings? Don’t worry, you got All-In-One toolbox to rescue you. It’s not only one of the best photo hide apps(photo lock apps),but also a powerful android cleaner  & android booster .


Use your phone’s built-in tools to hide photos


  1. Open the gallery
  2. Select all the photos you want to protect
  3. In the upper right corner, tap MORE and select Move to Private

Now you can enable Private Mode to hide all of your sensitive content.

  1. Navigate to Settings > Privacy and safety and locate Private mode
  2. Setting Private Mode to “Off” will make it so that the files you specified to be private are hidden from normal viewing, while “On” makes all those files available for normal viewing.
  3. Select whether you want Private Mode to turn off whenever the screen turns toggle Private Mode settings.


  1. Go to Settings > Fingerprints & security
  2. Tap on Content lock
  3. You’ll be asked to set up a security measure. Follow the steps.

Once you’re done with that you can lock photos.

  1. In the Gallery, select a photo
  2. Tap the three-dot menu and select Lock
  3. To see locked items, tap the three-dot menu on the main page and select Show locked files/memos


Got it ?  Now you don’t have to worry about protecting private photos,but how about your messages, apps and other private stuff ?

Download All-In-One Toolbox and lock up all of them:

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7 cool things that only Android users can find out

Why choose Android systems instead of IOS or windows? Because Android is so much cooler. Every time you find a new function of Android, it’s like dig out gold. And this article is going to show you some “gold” you probably didn’t  find out before.From custom ROMs to gorgeous launchers, apps, LED notifications, gesture controls, icon packs and tweaks, there is plenty to keep you happy for a while.

(First published on ANDROIDPIT by Kris Carlon)

1. Supercharge your Wi-Fi

Did you know you can tell Chrome to save time and money by reducing data usage? Most people don’t. By using this setting, I’ve cut my data usage by 30 percent in the past month. How’s that for easy savings? Go to Chrome > Settings > Data Saver and turn it on.

Likewise, did you know you can tell your phone to keep Wi-Fi on during sleep? Just go to Settings> Wi-Fi > Advanced > Keep Wi-Fi on during sleep and select Always.

Doing this means that not only will you download things while your phone’s display is off, but you will also save battery life, because your phone won’t have to reconnect to Wi-Fi every time you wake it up.

2. Enable Google Now on Tap

Google Now on Tap was introduced with Android 6.0 Marshmallow. It provides contextual information for whatever is on your screen, allowing you to find information without having to search for it manually. You’ll need Android Marshmallow to run it.

To enable Google Now on Tap, head over to Settings > Google > Search & now > Voice and switch it on or off. Once it’s on, you’ll then be able to enjoy fast, contextual information on tap. To disable Now on Tap, hold on the home button and a menu will appear. Tap the three-dotted icon and then Settings, where you’ll be able to disable it.

3. The battery optimizations

No matter which Android device you have, there are ways to improve the battery life from the get-go. Firstly, you must turn off ‘ambient display’ or ‘adaptive brightness’. This setting changes the display brightness based on the current lighting conditions, but it’s not perfect.

The sensor used to determine the light levels is not as accurate as the human eye, you can set a more appropriate display brightness for the current circumstances, and as the display is a key area where battery life is lost, make sure you keep this at the lowest level possible.

Additionally, all of the major Android UIs come with some form of battery saving mode. While the strengths of each vary, they are worth digging into to see how they can be best applied for your particular needs.

For example, Sony’s Stamina mode alters very little in terms of performance and it’s one of those you can (and probably should) have enabled at all times.

The stock Android battery saving function affects performance and app functionality quite heavily, so it might worth considering using this only when it’s essential.

HTC’s Power Saver, on the other hand, has several options that you can enable or disable within it, making it a little less rigid than the others.

Investigate the battery functions on your device by going into the settings and looking for battery, power or something similar.

4. Use Google Now, enable always listening

Google Now acts as a virtual personal assistant, which you can use to retrieve information quickly and easily. But it’s also so much more than that: Google Now can interact with your apps, take notes, set reminders along with a whole bunch of other clever tricks.

The more you use Google Now the more you realize what an excellent service it is. To give a simple example, say you wish to take an afternoon nap, but are already in that sleepy state and about to nod off. You don’t need to reach for your phone and open your clock app, calculate the time you want to wake and set an alarm for then. Just say “Okay Google, wake me up in two hours.”

6. Set up Android Device Manager

How Android Device Manager is not pre-enabled on every single Android phone I simply don’t know. Android Device Manager is a great tool that lets you track a lost or stolen phone, remotely lock it, ring it, or delete its contents and even display a lock screen message for anyone that finds it. It may not be the sexiest thing you do with your Android phone, but it should be the first thing you do.

You’ll find the permissions for Android Device Manager in the Google Setting app under Security. You can enable Android Device Manager to remotely locate your phone as well as lock or erase its contents. But you’ll also need to activate Android Device Manager as a device administrator. Go toSettings > Security > Device Administrators and check the box next to Android Device Manager.

7. Get an All-In-One Toolbox

All-In-One Toolbox is the super powerful treat only for Android users. Clean your phone with one tap and speed up you Android for better performance. Get it on google play:

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Accelerate Your Phone’s Performance! Hold on to a Versatile Cleaning Tool

This is a great review from Appliv!

Check the original post here:


Is your device running low on memory and constantly lagging? The easiest way to optimize your phone is with this performance boosting tool. It not only cleans your cache to release unused apps, but also tweaks the excess files of plug-ins, hidden memory files, and such. If you want a quick scanner, booster, and helper that is both versatile and useful, this app has it all covered. You can clean your junk files from your internal storage and SD card with just a simple tap. Stop all unnecessary processes, remove temp files, residual files and reclaim the space that you once had. Avoid lagging, manage content and backup your phone as well.

Recommended points

  • A multi-functional cleaner that acts as a performance optimizer, cooler, and file manager.
  • Easily boost your phone’s performance, release unused memory and clean your device.
  • Conveniently eliminate waste and cool your system quickly.

▲Choose the icons below to clean, boost and open your toolbox.

▲Clean your drive using the standard or advanced cleaner. By choosing which caches need to be removed, efficiency will be increased instantly.

▲Need to uninstall a bulk of apps? By simply choosing them, your apps will be uninstalled in a few seconds.

Clean out the storage hogs with a simple clear of the cache process. Eliminate the RAM and memory consumption eaten by unessential processes. Excessive files can be removed or you can simply stop the apps from running. Aside from that, you have a toolbar that can easily help you uninstall apps that you find useless. If you are an avid downloader of apps and often install or uninstall them, you should consider cleaning up your device. With this booster, the much-needed storage you have been searching for will be there for you.

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How to improve your phone’s performance in an easier way with All-In-One Toolbox

Hi, I believe most of you guys already felt the change that All-In-One Toolbox has brought you. Did your phone run much faster than before? For now, you may get familiar with the concept that All-In-One Toolbox is a powerful cleaner and booster. But All-In-One Toolbox is much more than that. Here are some tips you should know about All-In-One Toolbox so you can improve your phone’s performance in an easier way with All-In-One Toolbox.

1.Shortcut/widget: clean/boost with one tap

You all know that All-In-One Toolbox can clean cache and kill process with one tap, but do you know that you can do that without starting the app? You can create a shortcut of clean or boost or any other function you like. Then just one click, all done! Beside the shortcut, some users also use the widget to achieve this.

Here’s where you can find the shortcut tap:

All-In-One Toolbox 2

2.Batch install/uninstall: say no to install/uninstall apps one by one

Ah, It feels so exhausted to uninstall them one by one, my time is for more important stuffs. Do you have the same feeling when you wanna get rid of the useless apps? Don’t worry about it. Go ahead and do your important things because All-In-One Toolbox have a function of batch install/uninstall. All you have to do is choosing items, leave the rest to All-In-One Toolbox.

3.White list: no more mistaken deletion

Did you ever delete some files by mistake? Let me guess, you just click the clean button without checking what exactly it gonna delete. It sure saves time. But in order to prevent it from happening again. Here’s a tip for you: you can add the files you don’t want to delete and the process you don’t want to kill into the white list. Then they are under protect even if you still don’t check before you click the clean button.

All-In-One Toolbox3

4.Auto tasks plugin: do the clean and boost task automatically

One click is still not convenient enough for you? How about automatically. Install the Auto tasks plugin in toolbox then you don’t have to worry about it anymore.



Get All-In-One Toolbox on Google Play:


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How to speed up the Galaxy S6 Edge for faster performance

The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge is a phone for power users, and that means over time it’ll probably start to feel a little sluggish. From making the interface faster to eradicating bottlenecks, here’s how to speed up the Galaxy S6 Edge.

Swap your launcher

One of the simplest ways to speed up your Galaxy S6 Edge is to swap your app launcher, because while many launchers look simple and serene they can be churning away in the background, using precious system resources.

Speed up animations

Your Samsung’s interface is animated, and while those animations look cool they also slow things down. That’s easy to change. If you haven’t already enabled Developer Options in your device, go to Settings and tap on Build Number seven to 10 times. Developer Options should now appear. Tap on that and look for Window Animation Scale; adjust the speeds here to 0.5× and then go back to the home screen. Windows and menu items should now feel nippier than before.

Clear the cache

The cache is where your Samsung stores frequently used data. That speeds up performance, but if the cache gets messy then it can actually do the opposite of what it’s supposed to. The way to solve that is to clear the cache and make it squeaky-clean; after you’ve done so it’ll take a little time to rebuild so apps may feel a little slow the first time you launch them, but once they’re up and running they’ll be using the cache to speed themselves up.

If you want to clear the app cache on the Galaxy S6 – whether for one app in particular or for all apps, you do this through the Settings menu. Go to Settings > App Manager and find the individual app of which you want to clear the cache. Remember it might be in the Downloaded, Running or All tab. Tap the entry and then tap Clear Cache. If you want to clear all app caches simultaneously, go to Settings > Storage and tap Cached Data > OK.

There’s a second cache, called the System Cache or Cache Partition. This is where Android stores its commonly used data, and again it can encounter problems. Cleaning the system cache is slightly more complex but don’t worry, it’s still easy. To clean the system cache:

  • Turn off your Samsung
  • Press and hold Power, Volume Up and Home
  • Wait until you see the recovery menu and then use Volume to move the cursor and Power to select. Move to Wipe Cache Partition and press Power.
  • When the process is complete, highlight and select Reboot System Now. Press Power to confirm.
  • That’s it!

Get rid of unnecessary apps

The more things your Samsung is trying to do, the more slowly it’s likely to run – so if you’ve got a whole bunch of apps doing stuff in the background for no good reason they’ll take a toll on your Galaxy’s performance. Chat apps and media player apps have a habit of hanging around even when you aren’t using them, but apps of any type can slow down your phone – and they can be a drain on your battery too.

First published on ANDROIDPIT by Gary Marshall

Some of you may find those tips very useful but inconvenient. Frankly speaking, most of us don’t really have the time to uninstall apps one by one or follow such complicated steps every time we clean cache. In this case, you can use the help of All-In-One Toolbox.

All-In-One Toolbox can clean cache & junk files with one tap, all you have to do is to select the item that you want to delete. And it can also terminate the process to speed up your phone. If you worry that those apps would restart after you click the boost button and you don’t want to boost over and over again, All-In-One Toolbox can also do that automatically for you. 

The developer of All-In-One Toolbox sure understand that uninstall unnecessary apps can be really troublesome, that’s why they add the function of  batch uninstall to save your time. You do the selection and leave the rest to All-In-One Toolbox.


Get the amazing app on google play :




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