How to Charge Your Smartphone Faster?

By | January 6, 2016

You’ve probably all been in situations where we needed to charge our phones as much as possible in a limited timespan. Here are three tips to help to charge your smartphone more faster.

1. Use a dedicated, high powered wall charger. A high-powered phone charger will likely be better for quicker charging than your standard laptop or desktop PC’s USB port, Apartment Therapy advises.

Look for chargers specifically described as fast charging for phones (or tablets).

2. If you charging through your computer, use USB 3.0 or a dedicated charging if possible. If you use your laptop or desktop PC’s USB port to charge your phone, be aware that not all ports supply the same amount of power.

USB 1.0 and USB 2.0 are capable of 500mA of power, while USB 3.0 can deliver nearly twice that–up to 900mA, according to Extreme Tech. Even better, if have you have a dedicated charging port, that could provide up to 1500mA. The higher the power supply, the faster your smartphone will charge.

3. Turn off the phone while charging. With your smartphone off, it won’t be using power for data, wifi, GPS, screen, or other power-draining features. It’ll charger more quickly than if it were on. If you’re in a real rush, though, turning your smartphone off and boot again can drain your battery more than just putting your phone into airplane mode.



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