How to improve your phone’s performance in an easier way with All-In-One Toolbox

By | April 7, 2016

Hi, I believe most of you guys already felt the change that All-In-One Toolbox has brought you. Did your phone run much faster than before? For now, you may get familiar with the concept that All-In-One Toolbox is a powerful cleaner and booster. But All-In-One Toolbox is much more than that. Here are some tips you should know about All-In-One Toolbox so you can improve your phone’s performance in an easier way with All-In-One Toolbox.

1.Shortcut/widget: clean/boost with one tap

You all know that All-In-One Toolbox can clean cache and kill process with one tap, but do you know that you can do that without starting the app? You can create a shortcut of clean or boost or any other function you like. Then just one click, all done! Beside the shortcut, some users also use the widget to achieve this.

Here’s where you can find the shortcut tap:

All-In-One Toolbox 2

2.Batch install/uninstall: say no to install/uninstall apps one by one

Ah, It feels so exhausted to uninstall them one by one, my time is for more important stuffs. Do you have the same feeling when you wanna get rid of the useless apps? Don’t worry about it. Go ahead and do your important things because All-In-One Toolbox have a function of batch install/uninstall. All you have to do is choosing items, leave the rest to All-In-One Toolbox.

3.White list: no more mistaken deletion

Did you ever delete some files by mistake? Let me guess, you just click the clean button without checking what exactly it gonna delete. It sure saves time. But in order to prevent it from happening again. Here’s a tip for you: you can add the files you don’t want to delete and the process you don’t want to kill into the white list. Then they are under protect even if you still don’t check before you click the clean button.

All-In-One Toolbox3

4.Auto tasks plugin: do the clean and boost task automatically

One click is still not convenient enough for you? How about automatically. Install the Auto tasks plugin in toolbox then you don’t have to worry about it anymore.



Get All-In-One Toolbox on Google Play:


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