How to move files and apps from phone to expansion card in Android

By | December 25, 2014

androisd-cardMoving apps from your phone to the SD card is almost always difficult, and often impossible. And it isn’t always as straightforward as it might be to move files from your phone’s storage to the SD card.

Because each iteration- and each manufacturer’s version of Android can be so very different, we can offer only general advice here. But here is advice for if you have an Android phone orAndroid tablet and you want to move apps or data from the phone to the SD card.

How to move apps from Android phone to SD card

Let’s address the main issue first: there’s a very good chance you might not be able to do this. Because of the way they mount SD cards, many Android manufacturers won’t let you run apps from the SD card – you can’t on some of the Galaxy phones, for instance. In part this is for performance reasons, and in part because the SD card is outside the walled world of your Google account which may make permissions tricky.

This isn’t the case with all Android phones, however. If you can move apps to your SD card, the process is likely to be something like this: go to the Apps menu, find the app you want to move. Then through that particular App’s settings, select move to SD card.

How to save files direct to SD card on Android

Finally, here’s how to set up your Android phone so that new files automatically save to the expansion card. Select the app you use for that type of file – for instance ‘Camera’ for photos. Then go to Settings > Storage or similar. There should be an option called something like ‘Save to SD card by default’. Enable this option.

How to Move Applications to the SD Card with All-In-One Toolbox

All-In-One Toolbox is the best Android cleaner and memory booster. It is an amazing app that combines 29 system tools embracing all factors that matter to device performance. Main features include batch uninstall, move app to SD card, junk cleaner, App locker, Auto task manager, file manager, history cleaner, boost startup, task killer, memory report and more cool things. “Move app to SD Card” in All-In-One Toolbox  is an amazing feature  for Android users. Move app in the easiest way.

Moving Applications to the SD Card with All-In-One Toolbox

Tap the All-In-One Toolbox  to launch the application.

Go to “Toolbox” section under All-In-One Toolbox main screen

Scroll down and select “App 2 SDcard” under this section

Tap the name of the app you want to move.

Tap the “move selected” button on the“Move to SD Card” screen.

When the transfer is complete, a message appears confirming the application has been moved.

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