How to recover your data from your broken smartphone?

By | May 26, 2016
This article was originally posted on AndroidPit by Cory Schmidt.

Smashing the screen of your precious smartphone is a common occurrence today. If this has happened to you and you’ve gotten the famous spider-web on the unresponsive touchscreen, you don’t have to say goodbye to your device yet. You can use  it from your PC. Here’s how.

How to recover data if your screen is broken but you can see the display

If you’ve broken your touch screen but the display is still working (you can see it) you can fix it by using a USB OTG (On The Go) and a mouse to connect to your device. A USB OTG connects mobile devices to other devices. Basically, your Android device has a mini-USB and you need to connect it to the mouse that has a USB. The USB OTG connects these. If you need further information on USB OTGs, click the link below.

Once you have the mouse connected, you can unlock your device whether you have a pattern, PIN or password. We recommend using passwords anyways because they are highly secure.

Now that your phone is unlocked, you can connect it to your computer and either transfer the data you need to your microSD memory or connect it directly to your PC and transfer the files there.

How to recover data if your screen is off

If you can’t see your screen, you might need to get a VNC program. There are plenty on the market and you should be sure to pick one that’s safe and free. These programs bring your Android interface onto your PC so you can control it from there.

In order to use these programs, you’ll need to download the program to your PC but also on your Android device. There are some paid programs out there too but usually include more features than this. So if you want something more extensive you can grab one of these instead.

Even though those are useful tips to recover your data after you break your smartphone by accident. But sometimes they won’t work if you smash your phone so bad. So it is very necessary to back up your important information.

All-In-One Toolbox can help you back up your Apps to your SD card so you don’t have to look for those apps and install them all over again. As for important message and photos, I will find some useful tips and share it with you in the next blog!

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