How to Uninstall Apps without Leftovers on Android with All-In-One Toolbox

By | December 25, 2014

how-to-uninstall-apps-at-onceAndroid users who frequently experiment with various types of application solutions soon realize that the removing feature built in system is not powerful enough, since some of them leave behind files, folders and registry entries that clutter up the memory, take up space, and even cause OS glitches in some cases.

Resorting to a third-party tool aimed at performing a complete app removal is the logical step. Here we are  taking a look at All-In-One Toolbox, which its extensive range of features has helped millions of Android users.

Download All-In-One Toolbox

All-In-One Toolbox is a pretty comprehensive system utility, which has 29 system tools that cover everything matters to Android phone. Uninstaller feature is the one of the notable aspects of All-In-One Toolbox.  The UI design of All-In-One Toolbox implements flat and colorful buttons while putting emphasis on simplicity. The welcome screen shows three  energy-usage circle (RAM usage, SD card usage and ROM usage) as well as  quick entries into its cover everything features.

Uninstall all Apps at once with All-In-One Toolbox 

Go to All-In-One Toolbox > Toolbox > Batch uninstall, and then a list is quickly populated with all installed applications sort by name by default, you can change the list order  by Size or install time. Detail  information of apps is shown when long clicking an entry, where you also can find out the app’s version, cache, size. permission and uninstall button.

After uninstall the app, All-In-One Toolbox scans the system for leftover files and registry entries, giving users the possibility to select the items they want to remove while keeping the rest.

Startup Boost Managers

All-In-One Toolbox  integrates a lot extra utilities that come in handy for Android optimization and maintenance. For instance, it is possible to remove applications that automatically run at you phone startup in order to speed up boot time, but also to add new entries to the auto-start apps if you like.

Furthermore, users can analyze currently running services and terminate any of them, as well as create and manage profiles with different service configuration settings, for example, for playing video games or ensuring OS security.

Quick and Thoroughful Android Cleaner

The main tool of All-In-One Toolbox is   is designed to clean unused or unnecessary junk files from your Android system, browsers and  installed apps in the attempt to free up space and protect privacy, such as list of  usage history in browsers, cookies and cached data, together with search history and account login log. Plus, Facebook massages can also be cleaned without any traces in Advanced section. All-In-One Toolbox runs a scan and lets users pick the objects they want to eliminate.

Quick and customize widget manager

Another useful feature is the customize widget.Users can add a list of favourite features to All-In-One Toolbox customize widget. Like one-tap clean feature which can be quickly launched to clean the unnecessary files that clutter the space without opening the mother app All-In-One Toolbox. Similarly, you can add any other practical tools or plugins to the quick-accessing widget.

Compress files to take up less space

Live file compression is another interesting feature of All-In-One Toolbox, which basically compiles files into smaller packages so that they take up less space on the space. It particularly comes in handy to users when it comes to sending some big files to your Email.

Move App to SD card

Moving apps to SD card frees up space on your phone’s internal storage and can speed up operation of the device. You can move app to SD easily with All-In-One Toolbox. According to Android, you should not store applications such as input devices (keyboards), live wallpapers or folders or applications with home-screen widgets on your memory card as this can negatively affect performance. Typically, these apps do not have an option for moving; however, games and other apps are safe to move.

Remove system temporary files

Another method for freeing up disk space is by getting rid of Android system temporary files that aren’t actually being used by anyone. Once launch Clean feature, All-In-One Toolbox  rapidly generates a list with all temp files found, along with total selected files and accumulated occupied space. They can be opened or removed with one click.

Back up and restore apps

This is by far the simplest backup and restore application, and it does exactly what it claims to do and little more. If you want a way to simply back up your applications and save app data, this is going to be the easier option for you. There are a lot of  other features that you’ll have access to, like the option to Uinstall and see the details about the app by long pressing.

All-In-One Toolbox worked well on Android 2.3 and above, without hanging and crashing and  supports 32 languages .

The batch uninstall utility is designed to completely remove installed programs, and that includes any leftover files and registry entries. However, All-In-One Toolbox primal y is  served   as an Android optimization and maintenance suite, thanks to its wide range of practical utilities: a monitor for RAM, RAM and SD card, thoroughly remove unused apps, boost  startup, quick and customize widget, cleaners for junk files, browsers, duplicate file finder, compression tool,temporary files remover, registry cleaner, optimizer, backup creation and restoration tool,App to SD card, in addition to 12 practical plugins, like app lock, compass, flashlight and more. And, it’s free to use.

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